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Blue Ridge Whispers

Pendant-Shaped Hanging Car Freshener

Pendant-Shaped Hanging Car Freshener

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Introduce a touch of luxury to your car with our Pendant-Shaped Hanging Car Freshener. Its elegant design will add a sophisticated touch to your interior, while its refreshing scent will keep your car smelling fresh and inviting. Experience the exclusive blend of style and function with our premium car freshener.

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Pendant-Shaped Hanging Car Freshener - Blue Ridge Whispers

Best Car Air Freshener

Handmade with high-quality fragrance oils, our air fresheners are a non-toxic and safe way to freshen up your car, home, boat or RV and enjoy some of your favorite BlueRidge Whispers fragrances on the go.

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    Unlike traditional car air fresheners that use synthetic fragrances containing toxic chemicals, our diffusers are handmade using high-quality fragrances and essential oils free from phthalates.

  • Pendant-Shaped Hanging Car Freshener - Blue Ridge Whispers


    Made from glass and bamboo our diffusers are recyclable and can be reused up to three times with one of our refill kits—providing much less waste than traditional car air fresheners. 

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    Not only do our car diffusers refresh your car, boat, home or RV with a lovely scent but some of our fragrance oils contain essential oils that provide a relaxing and calming atmosphere.