3 Scent-sational New Candles

3 Scent-sational New Candles

🌟✨ Exciting New Candle Launch! ✨🌟
Dive into an exotic journey with our latest additions to the Blue Ridge Whispers candle family! 🕯️✨

Marrakesh Spice Market Soy Candle

Experience the vibrant energy of Morocco's famed souk with this luxurious blend of warm cardamom, peppercorn, and saffron, complemented by notes of incense and fragrant tobacco. Let the essence of Marrakesh spice up your space! 🔥🌺

Rustic Ginger Apple Twist Soy Candle

Embrace the cozy charm of an orchard in full bloom with our Rustic Ginger Apple Twist. Delight in the crispness of fresh apples mingled with zesty ginger, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere wherever you light it. Perfect for those who cherish the comforts of home and nature's bounty. 🍏🍂

Mountain Sunset Spritz Soy Candle

Capture the essence of a breathtaking Appalachian sunset with every flicker of this candle. Infused with a sparkling blend reminiscent of a Negroni cocktail, it combines citrusy bergamot, aromatic herbs, and a touch of bitter orange. Let this candle transport you to serene mountaintops and tranquil evenings. 🌄🍊
These candles are crafted with care using premium soy wax and are now available to bring warmth and sophistication to your home. Treat yourself or someone special today! 🎁✨
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